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  • Course Durations: 

    • 1 Week Courses: 7 consecutive days of enrolment from the date of first class.

    • 2 Week Courses: 14 consecutive days of enrolment from the date of first class.

    • Month by Month Courses: a “month” is defined as 30 days from the date of first class.


  • Public Holidays: 

    • English Key does not offer classes on public holidays but extensions are provided on courses that include days that are public holidays.


  • Pausing courses:

    • “Pausing” of courses is not typically allowed. Students are expected to plan ahead prior to enrolment. However, the pausing of courses may be granted for medical/ family reasons to return temporarily to their country of origin.

  • Refund Policy:

    • English Key has a strict refund policy in accordance with Australian, Canadian and UK law. Refunds are not offered if someone simply changes their mind. However, we do understand that sometimes for legitimate reasons beyond a student’s control, he or she may not be able to continue his or her course. 

    • In these scenarios the student has the option to transfer the remaining days of their course to a friend who is not currently enrolled in an English Key course. This opportunity is valid for 2 months from the time the enrolled student advises English Key in writing via email that they can not continue.

    • Unfortunately refunds are not available for students who are unable to attend classes due to illness. However, English Key will still provide online support including recordings of the classes to the student and will also pause a student’s course until they return to health. 


  • Communication regarding any administrative or scheduling issues:

    • If you require further clarification regarding any points in this document or assistance with selecting classes, please email

Thank you for your cooperation. 


English Key

English Key provides “non-accredited training” for IELTS & PTE. We do not provide CRICOS courses and are unable to sponsor students' visas.

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