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IELTS Tips: How can I improve my speaking for IELTS?

Want to know how to practice your speaking for IELTS outside of your IELTS course? There are many different ways you can practice your conversational English at work or school, and in your IELTS preparation course!

About the IELTS Speaking section

The IELTS Speaking section is a conversational-style speaking test and is divided into three parts:

Part 1 – Answer questions about yourself

Part 2 – Talk about a specific topic

Part 3 – Discuss the topic introduced in Part 2 with your examiner

How can I practice this speaking out of class?

Talk to people! Speak with native speakers whenever you get the chance!

At work? Take advantage of your lunch or coffee break and talk to your colleagues about current events (or any of the topics commonly used in IELTS). If you don’t have much time during work, you could ask them if they would like to catch up after work.

Are you a student? Chat with your classmates! In class or after class. You can start a regular study group at the library after classes, or over a coffee. Also, most schools and universities have many social groups and clubs you can join. These groups often have regular meetings where you can practice your conversational English, as well as do fun activities and make new friends.

Language Exchanges

Languages Exchanges are pairs or groups of people who meet up and practise speaking different languages. Usually you spend some time speaking your language, and the other time speaking English – the perfect swap! There are many websites where you can find these groups, such as MeetUp and Mundo Lingo.

You can also find a language exchange partner on websites like Gumtree. Many Australians are trying to learn new languages, and they are looking for people to teach them. Use your native language to your advantage! You can find someone who is looking to learn your language, or create your own advert.

Don’t be shy!

People are fascinated by different cultures – there are so many interesting things we can learn from each other. Most people are more than happy to learn about what your life has been like, and what life in your country is like – don’t forget these are both topics covered in IELTS.

What should I talk about?

There are many different topics covered in IELTS Speaking, from work and study, to sports, travel and culture. There are many topics and questions available online that you can use in conversation with your friends/colleagues/language exchange partner.

However, Melbourne students have the benefit of being able to take speaking classes at English Key. We give students access to an online Homework Box with tonnes of IELTS speaking topics and a breakdown of the 7 Key Tips we’ve identified to get a high score in IELTS Speaking. At English Key we specialize in preparing students for IELTS and joining a course with us will provide you with special access to practice materials.

English Key 1-to-1 Sessions

Furthermore, if you are a student at English Key, you are in luck! You can have a free 1-to-1-session with one of our highly experienced teachers every week. That is, you can have a private session with a teacher to practice your speaking. This comes free as a part of your course. If you are based in Melbourne and are not enrolled in an IELTS preparation course at English Key already, you should consider giving it a go!

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