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PTE Describe Image Section: Types of Images

Having trouble with the Describe Image item type of PTE Academic? Want to know more about the kinds of images you might get on your exam? Read this post – it’s a must!

What is Describe Image?

Describe Image is a long answer speaking task. You are given an image that you must describe. You have 25 seconds to prepare what you will say, and then 40 seconds to speak. For further information on this task, check out our previous blog post. If you have taken Writing Task 1 for IELTS Academic, it is very similar to this task, only it is shorter.

What are the Types of Images?

One of the most important things for PTE Academic (and for any exam) is to be prepared. For this task, you must know that there are many different kinds of images that may appear. We have put together a list (below) to help you.

Additionally, you can use these images (and the advice from our previous post) to practice at home. We will provide you with some model answers in future posts, so keep an eye on our blog!


Graphs are among the most common images in the Describe Image item type. However, there are many different kinds of graphs. Here are the most common in PTE Academic:

Line Graphs


Bar Graphs

Image graphs

Pie Charts

Pie charts are also very common.


Processes can be very tricky, so make sure you know them! Hot tip: make sure you try and describe each stage of the process during the 40 seconds.


There are different types of tables such as timetables (like the one below) or tables that report statistical information.

Diagrams & Figures

There are a few different types of diagrams and figures. The example below is called a “Venn Diagram”.


There are various types of maps that can appear including: city maps, country maps, campus maps (like what you would find at a university), floorplans, etc.


Students often think photographs are the hardest image to describe, but in fact they are the easiest! Just describe the things you see using as much descriptive vocabulary as you know. Describe big details as well as small details.

Practice, practice, practice

The best way to improve your score? Practice. The best way to practise? Join a PTE Academic preparation course at English Key (in Sydney or Melbourne). Be instructed by our experienced and professional teachers on the best methods for Describe Image, get personal feedback, and have access to our mountain of PTE Academic resources! To learn more about our PTE Academic preparation courses, contact us.

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