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PTE Tips: Reading and Writing Fill in the Blanks

Need to improve your Reading and Writing score on PTE Academic? Learn all the key skills required for the Reading & Writing Fill in the Blanks task and get started on some practice.

About the Task

Reading & Writing Fill in the Blanks is a multiple choice fill in the blanks task that assesses your reading and writing skills. In a text you must fill in the blanks, using one of the options provided for each blank. To choose an option, click the blank and a drop-down list will appear. Select the correct option.

Scoring: one point for each correct answer. No points are deducted for an incorrect response.

What do I need to know?

To do well in this task you need to know:

  1. Vocabulary

  2. Collocations

  3. Grammar

  4. Reading comprehension

  5. How paragraphs are structured


The amount of heat being (1)_________ by the oceans has dramatically ramped up in the last two decades, according to new research. The world’s oceans are thought to have absorbed 90 percent of the excess heat energy produced through man-made climate (2)__________, as well as around a third of all the carbon pumped (3)__________ the atmosphere. This is already having dramatic impacts (4)__________ the distribution of fish, which are shifting to more northern and southerly latitudes, as well as the health and survival of coral reefs. With the ocean taking the brunt of the heat, this warming has not only been (5)__________ to the ocean’s surface but is sinking to deeper depths.

(1) absorbed / absorb / absorbs / absorbing

(2) change / initiative / warming / growth

(3) into / over / in / by

(4) on / in / at / for

(5) limited / bordered/ augmented / examined

For the answers, see the very end of this post.

How to improve

Building on the knowledge needed for this task – vocabulary, collocations, grammar, reading comprehension, etc – can be difficult. At English Key, however, our PTE Academic coaching courses provide specific classes to improve your skills specifically for PTE Academic. To find out more about how our courses, get in touch with us, or drop by one of our centres in Sydney or Melbourne and chat to one of our lovely staff. Our PTE Academic Preparation courses also provide you with a tonne of practice material so you can become an expert in no time!


  1. absorbed – grammar: passive form “being absorbed”

  2. change – collocation: “climate change”

  3. into – preposition of location

  4. on – dependent preposition: must go with the word “impact”

  5. limited – vocabulary: makes sense within the context of the sentence. It is also the only verb that fits with the preposition “to” that follows the blank.

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